Hotel GRUMANT Resort & SPA and Museum of Samovars and Bouillottes offer many existing activities for both adults and children.

Interactive workshops, fancy-dress photo shoots in the interiors of a vintage dining room, fascinating excursions and our unique playground in the form of samovars.


How to use a samovar, is a skill that is usefull to learn at any age.
On a tour at our museum, children will learn how to do it properly.
Our youngest visitors will discover where is the key of the samovar and why there are funny looking knobs on the lid.
During our exploration of the samovars, kids will engage their ability to pay attention to details in order to find figures of birds, animals and fairy-tale heroes on samovars and bouillottes. Throughout their journey they will be aided by our experienced guides ad entertaining games.

To inquire about a tour, please call: + 7 (4872) 50-50-50


Magical playground on the territory of hotel GRUMANT, with giant samovars and tea pots, modeled after museum’s exhibits.

Here your children can have lots of fun and make some memorable photos.



We have a special place in our collection for toy samovars.
It might seem like these are actual toys, but they are definitely not.
Toy samovar is designed like a real one, and you can boil water in it. The only difference is its size. Usually, it can fill no more than 3-5 glasses. Is this really enough for a real tea party? So why is it needed?
We know that girls were taught how to use a samovar from a very early age. It was for these purposes that a toy samovar was bought, since it made the learning process more visual. By the time a young girl became an adult, a bride, she could easily operate a samovar and skillfully prepared tea.
KB 364 | Toy samovar-vaseKB 364 | Toy samovar-vase

KB 364 | Toy samovar-vase

КБ 364
Manufacturer: factory of Romanov Grigory Konstantinovich
Region: Russian Empire Tula
Date: end of XIX century
KB 215 | Toy samovar-sphereKB 215 | Toy samovar-sphere

Toy samovar-sphere

КБ 215
Manufacturer: unknown
Region: Russian Empire Tula
Date: beginning of the XX century
KB 334 | Toy samovar-vaseKB 334 | Toy samovar-vase

Toy samovar-vase

КБ 334
Manufacturer: factory of brothers Pushkov
Region: Russian Empire Yaroslavl province
Date: end of XIX century


Make-yourself Samovar – it is easy!

Educational toy - Make-yourself Samovar

In the box you will find everything you need to make a samovar: cardboard parts, glue, paint and a brush. Everyone can practice their artistic skills and accuracy, and create their very own samovar design, which can make a great gift for your beloved grandmother. You can buy this toy in the souvenir shop of our museum.

Samovar with a set

Toy - Samovar with a set

Your kids can through a traditional tea parties with our fantastic toy Samovar set.
With the help of a toy samovar, your child can you imagine themselves as a host and serving guests tea and biscuits. This game will absolutely appeal to children and will become an example for real life. You can buy this wonderful toy in the souvenir shop of our museum.
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