Businessman, philanthropist and the winner of the “Leaders of Corporate Charity” award. Born in the Novosibirsk region in 1968, Mikhail Borshchev has a Ph.D. in Economics and is a full member of the Academy of Mining Sciences. He has a number of state, departmental and public awards, as well as the title of “Honorary Builder”.

When he first started to work in the city of Tula over 15 years ago, M. M. Borshchev became interested in collecting samovars, tea urns and other items that represent the traditional domestic life in both Russia and abroad during 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Now the collection of M.M. Borshchev is exhibited in the Museum of Samovars and Bouillottes, which is located on the territory of hotel GRUMANT Resort & SPA and features more than 600 items, many of which are extremely rare. In 2018, it was recognized as the largest private collection of samovars and bouillottes in Russia, a record which was documented in the “Record Book of Russia”. Despite this achievement, Mikhail Mikhailovich continues to enlarge and regularly update his collection with new unique exhibits.

While collectors often prefer to keep their collection away from public eye, Mikhail Mikhailovich has opened his museum to the public, to ensure that absolutely anyone who is interested in decorative and applied art can appreciate the creations of Russian and European masters.

“Each samovar has its own fate and can tell a lot about its owner or even illustrate an entire era.
This is a “living history” and it should be available to everyone who is interested in the history of Russia and its traditions. “


On April 24, 2018, experts from the Record Book of Russia have added a new record. Now we are proud to announce that our museum in the Tula Oblast exhibits the largest private collection of samovars and bouillottes in Russia. Passing a rigorous selection by experts from the Record Book of Russia is not an easy task, but we have done it!

Russian Book of Records


КБ 589 | Samovar "Acorn"КБ 589 | Samovar "Acorn"

Samovar “Acorn”

КБ 589
Manufacturer: factory of heirs V.S. Batasheva
Region: Russian Empire Tula
Date: 1900s
KB 585 | Samovar-vase "Lions"KB 585 | Samovar-vase "Lions"

Samovar-vase “Lions”

КБ 585
Manufacturer: factory of Konstantin Yakovlevich Pets
Region: Russian Empire Moscow
Date: mid XIX century
The collection contains interesting samples from the famous Tula factories of the second half of the 19th century: brothers Alexei and Vasily Batashev, brothers Shemarins, the family of Teila, Vorontsov, Malikov, Kapyrzin. The collection also features magnificent samples of English (John Taylor, Reed and Barton, Wilcox companies) and American bouillottes and tea urns (John Silver, Sheridan), as well as other items: fountains, trays of various shapes and sizes, basins, teapots and specialty appliances, such as egg maker and mulled wine maker.
All these items: samovars, samovar teapots, kitchen samovars, coffee pot samovars, travel samovars, small-volume samovars — Egoists, or Tet-a-tete samovars, souvenirs samovars, allow you to imagine the richness of traditional domestic way of life.
Collection exhibits are made of different materials, primarily from copper and its alloys – brass and tompac, from cupronickel and its varieties – white metal and alpaca; with silver and galvanized silver.
The collection encompasses the vast geography of samovar production in Russia, and showcases rare examples of decorative and applied art of other countries in the field of artistic metalworking.
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